Robotic Surgery

The Citizens Specialty Hospital is equipped with advanced robotic surgery facilities. The surgeons at the hospitals are specifically trained and have significant experience in performing robotic surgery with high accuracy and precision. The surgery is performed through the da Vinci X robotic system, which is one of the most advanced machines for performing robotic surgery in India.

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Some of the advantages of robotic surgeries are:

  • Lesser post-surgical complications
  • Shorter incision at the surgery site resulting in less pain
  • Relatively faster recovery compared to conventional surgery
  • Less blood loss and lesser chances of blood transfusions
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Lesser pain resulting in a less frequent and shorter analgesic regimen
  • Shorter hospital stay, thus overall lower cost
  • Least surgical scarring
  • High accuracy and precision

Some of the procedures performed with robotic assistance are:

  • Cardiovascular Surgeries: Some cardiovascular surgeries performed with robotic assistance are cardiac bypass surgery, atrial septal defect repair, and resection of left atrial tumors.
  • Orthopedics surgery: These include joint and tendon repairs, joint replacement, and treatment of ligament tears.
  • Urological surgeries: These include removal of kidney and bladder stones, prostate and kidney removal surgery, bladder surgery, and cyst removal surgery.
  • Gynecological surgeries: Gynecological procedures performed through robotic assistance are endometriosis resection, uterus removal surgery, tubal ligation, sacrocolpopexy to manage pelvic organ prolapse, and uterine fibroid removal procedure.
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries: The robotic surgeries related to the gastrointestinal system are pancreatic surgeries, GI cancer surgeries, small bowel resection surgeries, and bile duct procedures.

Compared to conventional surgery, robotic surgery is safe and offers better outcomes. For instance, a robotic prostatectomy has fewer side effects related to the preservation of urinary and sexual functions than conventional surgery.

The surgery is performed with the assistance of robotic arms. The surgeon controls the arms by sitting on the console and performs the surgery by viewing the image on the monitor. During the surgery, the instruments, along with the camera, are inserted into the surgery site. The camera transmits the 3D images of the inner tissues to the large monitor. The clarity of the images allows the doctor to avoid causing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. The surgery is performed by moving the robotic arms with the help of the control console.


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