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 Neuro Sciences

Dr. A. Aparna Vijay Kumar
Dr. A. Aparna Vijay Kumar

MD, DNB(Neuro)

Dr. Kailas Mirche
Dr. Kailas Mirche

MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine), DM(Neurology)

All acute, chronic and traumatic disorders of the brain, meninges, spinal cord, nerves and muscles

Neurointensive Care Unit:

  • Intravenous thrombolysis 24×7
  • Continuous EEG monitoring 24×7
  • ICP (intracranial pressure) monitoring for brain injury and stroke
  • Hemicraniotomy for major strokes 24×7
  • Advance ventilation for myaesthenia crisis and Guillane-BarreSyndrome
  • Meningitis & encephalitis management 24×7
  • TCD (transcranial doppler) monitoring for recanalisation, vasospasm and restenosis

Neuro-Cath Lab:

  • Diagnostic Cerebral DSA

We have state-of-the-art facilities for neurology, interventional neurology and neuro-critical care and neuro-monitoring not widely available in India and that allow us to offer care matching top international standards.

Neuro Imaging

  • CT with perfusion
  • MRI with diffusion/perfusion/spectroscopy/functional
  • PET
  • SPECT Cerebral DSA


  • Neuro-sonology(TCD/Carotid Doppler)
  • EEG/Video EEG
  • NCV/EMG/H-reflex
  • VEP/BAERA/SSEPs/QSRT Autonomic testing
  • EMG guided Botolinium Toxin for dystonias

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