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Hyderabad cancer doctor pushes surgical boundaries, saves 9 year old boy’s leg from rare form of bone cancer

Musculoskeletal surgical oncologist Dr. Kishore Bhavanam Reddy recently performed a rare operation at Citizens Hospital that saved the leg of a 9 year-old boy suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma. Citizens Hospital offers comprehensive cancer care based on top US standards in partnership with American Oncology Institute.

Called wide excision with reconstruction of total femur, this very rare and complex type of surgery has been performed in South India on only a few other occasions. The advanced surgery involves removing a long section of thigh bone and replacing it an implantable prosthesis, or artificial body part, that extends as the patient grows.

Fewer than 10 surgeons in the whole of India offer the procedure, for which Dr. Kishore received advanced, super-specialized training in Singapore. In performing the procedure successfully, Dr. Kishore not only saved the leg of a young boy but also redefined possibilities for South Indian patients impacted by bone cancer.

Ewing’s sarcoma, a relatively rare form of cancer, affects bone. While Ewing’s sarcoma can impact patients of any age, nearly all are under the age of 30. In many cases, the disease metastasizes, or spreads to other organs, due to missed diagnosis. Often doctors are left with limited options for treatment, many times having to resort to amputation of impacted limbs. However, when detected early and treated aggressively, patients impacted by Ewing’s sarcoma have good long term prognosis.

In this case, as it often does, treatment included a combination of chemotherapy followed by surgery. To preserve the young patient’s leg, Dr. Kishore removed the entire cancerous section of the boy’s bone, which extended from his thigh to his knee, and implanted a device called an expandable mega-prosthesis to replace the missing section of bone, which was approximately 6 inches long. This revolutionary device can be lengthened several centimeters as the patient grows, an essential attribute for a prosthesis in a 9 year-old. Miraculously, the extension process takes place in the doctor’s office as a day care procedure.

The technically demanding case resulted in a very positive outcome. The patient, whose parents wish for him to remain anonymous for reasons of personal privacy, has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering well. “Procedures such as this one are extremely gratifying for physicians. To bring together surgical training, an implantable device and a team of nurses and doctors to save a young patient’s leg inspires us all as medical professionals. More importantly, it shows all of us the ever-changing possibilities in medicine and that many of the world’s latest therapy options are available here in Hyderabad,” offered Dr. Kishore.

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