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The Citizens Specialty Hospital Psychiatry Department operates based on the core values of teamwork, respect, compassion, integrity and accountability. Our doctor provides high-quality, evidence-based care and consultations to patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We also work closely with our medical colleagues in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

Our doctors frequently assess and advise on the management of patient’s mental health, including a wide range of organic psychiatric conditions, depression, anxiety disorders and somatization and other less common conditions. Through our outpatient service, we also provide counselling for patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses like psychoses, affective disorders and anxiety disorders. Whether we are treating inpatients, outpatients or collaborating with other Citizens doctors, our main priorities remain to offer patients care based on the latest medical evidence and doing so with a focus on maintaining patient’s dignity at all times.

  • Depressive illnesses
  • Adjustment reactions
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psychotic illnesses
  • Functional somatic disorders
  • Developmental disorders assessments such as ASD or ADHD
  • Cognitive disorders like dementia/delirium
  • Comprehensive assessments and formulations
  • Psychopharmacological treatments for a range of disorders
  • Brief Solution focused sessions (CBT-based)

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