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EONE – Emergency Medicine

The Citizens Specialty Hospital Emergency Medicine Department treats the full spectrum of patients from making quick assessment of patient’s status to managing life threatening conditions. We ensure triaging patients with acute medical concerns, including stabilizing them, diagnosing the root of their emergency and consulting the right super-specialists to resolve it.

EONE – Citizens Emergency Response System is at the core of the Department. It is an integrated system of clinical teams and lifesaving technologies working together to save time and lives. Ambulances working under the program are equipped with the most advanced technologies and manned with emergency-trained paramedics and support staff.

All patient parameters are transmitted from the ambulances to our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ensuring that a treatment plan is ready to be administered even before the patient reaches our facility. Quick judgments of emergency-trained doctors kick-start a team-managed and clinically-proven approach for providing treatment based on top evidence-based protocols.

  • All acute medical and surgical emergencies for any organ
  • Any trauma situation
  • Poisoning

Adult and pediatric emergency and trauma care up to and including advanced life-support measures for life-threatening conditions

  • Our team is trained in use of advanced equipment like ultrasound, echocardiography, and mechanical ventilation
  • Our team incorporates evidence based medicine and keeps themselves updated with new advances in emergency care by attending various national and international workshops and conferences

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