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Weaker bones increases woes of today’s Woman

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | December 1st, 2018

Occasional ache or pain are normal to anyone, little bit of discomfort in the shoulder, a cramp in the knee or a twinge in the ankle— but researches around the world have found that women are more frequently and often more severely affected in Bone related issues than that of men.
The reason could vary due to several conditions- hormonal Changes, body structures etc. Due to which, it is said that one in every 4 women in India after 50 is expected to be affected by a bone related issue like Osteoporosis. But with today’s lifestyle and deviation from healthy choices of life, women start experiencing several types of bone/ pain related issues as early as their 30s.
Vitamin D is most essential for bone health. So one of the solutions to have a stronger and disease free bone is to get maximum exposure to the Sun, which is the primary source of Vit D. While today’s women neglect the importance of skin exposure, by not coming out in sun, secondly covering themselves or applying sunscreen in the exposed areas. These activities affect the Vit D consumption resulting in poor bone health. Even darker skin colours and obesity also hinders the VIt D absorption. Other sources of Vit D also include Sea fishes, egg yolk, Milk etc to get the required portion of the vitamin. Doctors may sometimes suggest Vit D tablets or food supplements in case needed.
Women who work should also consider the seating postures. The chair should be comfortable and ergonomically designed to avoid conditions like lower back pains, shoulder pain and other joint pains. Even while cooking, the height of the cooking slab should also be at a proper height (somewhere above the waist line). This not only help to avoid any pressure in the lower back or elbows but also ensures that there are no adverse effect for standing long hours in the Kitchen.
While choosing the right shoe, specifically the high-heels one should be very careful. High Heels wore for long hours not only affect the heel or ankle but also has a long term worsening effect on the lower back and spines. So avoid the worsening health conditions, try to avoid heels for longer hours continuously, check for the proper cushioning and find the most comfortable set. Even carrying a heavy side bag in one side of the shoulder for a long time could result in shoulder pains.
To conclude, it is mandatory to say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding fast foods and unhealthy diet, regular exercise or yoga and a good amount of sun exposure may help women have stronger and healthier bones for a long time.
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