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Robotic Surgery

The Department of Robotic Surgery handles all surgical procedures, performed by precision-guided robots. Over the years surgical procedures have evolved with improving scientific technologies that have reduced the need for largescale incisions and trauma for the patients. Performed by visually guided and precision-oriented robots, the procedures are now a commonplace across the medical fraternity. As a practice, this is an advanced variation of laparoscopically performed procedures.

Citizens Specialty Hospital is one of the best hospitals for robotic surgery in Hyderabad as well as across the states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. The surgeries are performed using the Vinci X robot – which is currently the most advanced machine in the India for robotic surgical procedures. It is also the first of its kind currently available in the states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Advantages of a Robotic Surgery

The first and foremost advantage of a robotic or minimally invasive surgical procedure is the reduced trauma for a patient. As opposed to a normal surgical procedure which may involve large incisions, loss of blood, suturing, and trauma, a robotic procedure is much less traumatic and thereby allows the patient to resume regular day-to-day work much earlier than normal.

Also, the precision of a surgical procedure is much higher as compared to a regular surgical procedure. Robotic arms can reach some of the most inaccessible places, while the cameras provide a much better visual reference for the surgeon to work with. The risk of infection, the loss of blood, amount of rehab required are all considerably lesser with a robotic surgery.

Performing a Robotic Surgery – with da Vinci X

Robotic surgeries are now widely accepted and have been equally rapidly adopted across the medical fraternity worldwide. Typically, a robotic surgical device will consist of a camera that is induced into the patient’s body and mechanical arms which performs the surgery. The arms as well as the camera are controlled by one or more surgeons, who will have a visual reference of the inner structures on a monitor.

At Citizens Specialty Hospitals we equipped with the world’s most advanced surgical robot – Da Vinci X, which is the best in terms of precision. It consists of a high-definition 3-D camera, which guides the surgeon while a set of master controls help him manoeuvre the robotic arms.

The images generated by the high-definition camera with 3-D visualization is way more precise and defined than what a normal human eye can see – this results in extremely high degree of accuracy in the procedures.

Robotic Procedures

Robotic Surgical procedures are performed across a wide range of specialties and for the treatment of various ailments. Some of the commonly treated ailments with the help of robotic surgeries include:

  • Colorectal Surgeries

A robotic colorectal surgery, surgeons use robotic instruments for the removal of cancerous tissues from the colon and the rectum. The same procedure is used for the removal of benign tumours and polyps. Robotic surgery helps the surgeon connect the two ends of the colon with relative ease as compared to an open procedure, and thereby complete the procedure with smaller incisions.

Robotic surgical procedures have greatly aided colorectal surgeries, as doctors can now access some of the more challenges anatomical structure which were very difficult in a normal open procedure. With robotic surgeries, doctors can now perform colorectal surgeries without the fear of nerve/other collateral damage.

  • Gastroenterological Surgeries

Robotic surgical procedures are employed for the treatment of a wide range of gastroenterological ailments including – pancreatic surgeries, bile duct surgeries, small bowel resection, palliative surgeries for gastrointestinal cancers, and various others. Robotic surgeries allow the surgeons to directly access the affected organ instead of having to open the entire abdominal cavity. This has resulted in several advantages for the patients.

Robotic procedures are also helpful in hernia repair, prolapse surgeries, fundoplication, colectomy, and others. Several of the bariatric procedures are also now performed using the robotic surgical methods with excellent patient outcomes.

  • Gynaecology Surgeries

Several gynaecological surgeries are now performed using minimally invasive and robotic methods reducing trauma and aiding faster recoveries for patients. With the help of the da Vinci X robotic surgical machine, several open procedures for women can now be easily performed by robotic methods. While laparoscopic procedures have been employed with great success, the use of robotic surgery in gynaecology has further aided patient recovery and improved patient outcomes.

Some of the common robotic surgeries performed in gynaecology include – hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus; myomectomy, the removal of uterine fibroids; surgery for correction of uterine fibroids; endometrial surgeries; and various others.

  • Nephrological Surgeries

Robotic kidney surgeries are now commonly performed for the treatment of bladder stones, ureter blockages, kidney stones, kidney cancers and other ailments of the kidneys. The advancement in robotic surgery now enables kidney transplants via minimally invasive methods providing great relief and faster recoveries for patients with kidney ailments.
The kidneys play a vital role in the body’s metabolic and haemodynamic balance, and their functioning is critical to our existence. Kidney ailments can cause severe repercussions and open surgical procedures would leave patients susceptible to infections and prolonged post-surgical rehabilitation, which is eliminated in minimally invasive, robotic surgeries.

  • Oncological Surgeries

A wide range of cancer surgeries – curative as well as palliative – are now performed via minimally invasive, robotic methods. This has increased the accuracy and precision of such surgeries and helps patients recover much quicker from the procedure. While all cancers can be treated with the help of robotic surgical procedures, some of the commonly treated cancers by minimally invasive methods include – colon cancers, rectal cancers, uterine cancers, cervical cancers, stomach cancers, kidney, bladder, and prostate cancers.

Robotic surgeries are also commonly performed for the treatment of throat, tongue, head, and neck cancers. Robotic surgeries have provided a great relief for cancer patients making it easier for cancer resection and treatment.

  • Orthopaedic Surgeries

Orthopaedic robotic procedures have made joint replacement much easier, faster, and more precise. Orthopaedic surgeons widely perform knee and hip replacement, and joint repairs, with the help of robotic surgical methods. Several ligament tears, tendon repairs, and other orthopaedic procedures are also performed via robotic surgery.

With the help of robotic surgeries patients suffering from orthopaedic ailments can return to their normal course of activities much faster and have much improved patient-outcomes thereby driving improved patient-experiences.

  • Paediatric Urology Surgeries

Robotic surgery is now a widely accepted mode of treatment for various paediatric urological ailments. Pyeloplasty is the most performed procedure via robotic, minimally accessible method under paediatric urology, with ureteric re-implantation, and augmentation cystoplasties also performed routinely with great success.

At Citizens Specialty Hospital we use the da Vinci X robotic surgical machine that helps paediatric surgeons perform precise surgeries even on the smaller anatomical structures of children.

  • Urogynaecology Surgeries

Citizens Specialty Hospital performs various procedures for the treatment of urogynaecology ailments with the help of robotic surgery. These include problems of urinary incontinence, pelvic floor repairs, pelvic cancers, and others. Pelvic organ prolapse, including cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse and vaginal vault prolapse are also treated with the help of robotic surgery.

With less scarring, blood loss, and possibilities of infections, a robotic surgery for urogynaecology ailments is extremely beneficial for the patients. Patients can have a shorter hospitalization and quicker return to normal course of life with the help of robotic urogynaecology surgeries.

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