Know what our patients say about Citizens Hospitals

Message by Patients

Abdul usmaan

” The service of doctor is very neat and Dr. Jyothi treated us carefully and respectfully. Dr.Jyothi did some tests and suggested we need to go to checkup for every 4 months but my aunt asked that instead of these checkups she wanted to get removed it and we spoke to Dr.Jyothi she said that it is fine. It was done successfully and we finished it off. The treatment and consultaionis very great”


“Doctor’s And Administration is to Good”


“Recently my wife Madhu went under a normal delivery at Citizens Hospital by Dr. Jyoti we got to know about this Dr by our colleagues. The first time we have met her in the 7th month. Before meeting Dr. Jyoti we have taken a nutritional scan for baby and we got to know that baby weight is too low. We have explained everything clearly to Dr. Jyoti in the 1st meet, she has given us tips and suggestions for us and we have followed them and in the 8th month, we have taken a scan for baby where it has shown the increase in baby weight it is really a great thing for us.”


“Excellent patient care. Patient is escorted by a person for his/her visit. Patient friendly environment”


“Dr. Jyoti is very supportive and very friendly, she was there with me all the time and even during delivery time. Listening to her advice and suggestions helped me and my baby a lot in increasing the weight of the baby. One more I need to say about her is I was having a severe pain in my 7th month during midnight we came to hospital but she is not available, we have talked to her by phone and given some suggestions and told me what to do when to do and at last, I’m very happy for the normal delivery and the services at Citizens Hospital and we are thankful very thankful to Dr. Jyoti”