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Patient at Univ Hosp North Durham Ooh

“Excellent Doctor comes down to patients level and listens every problem we narrate to her very patiently

not at all money minded…doesnt write too many tests or gives more medicines..

Deep subject knowledge & humble in deal while consulting pregnant lady.

Good supportive staff at citizen hospital Hyderabad

many thanks to jyoti mam n staff over there who made my pregnancy smooth n happy.”

Mamta Lathkar

“Extremely good professional and very dedicated, You can really tell that she loves what she does, She is knowledgeble, caring and has the ability to provide comfort to patients under any circumstances. Shell go that extramile with you when needed.

Always available round the clock I just love her and found a truly gifted doctor who listens.

This was my first time delivering a child. Dr.Jyoti Madam has been my gyno during my pregnancy and helped me deliver my baby normally even though I was suffering with sickle cell condition, She was sensitive toward my concern and always ensured that me and my baby are alright. I’m really thankful to her.

I feel very comfortable with her. She has best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever been to. She tries her best to put you at ease. I will never switch gyno. as long as she Is there. Highly recommend her.

She made my delivery best experience ever.”


“I had wonderful experience with Jyoti ma’am. She is very much care taking and pays attention to the smallest detail. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had few issues and she was with me lot of time monitoring and delivering the baby safely. She is very much compliant to the process. I would certainly recommend Jyoti ma’am.

She herself reads the ultrasound scans so it will be easy to correlate. She is also expert in foetus related.”


“Me and my husband were so thankful to Dr.Jyothi for her excellent service and care. We met DrJyothi for Famdy planning operation. I was so Recommend nervous because of complications involved PCOD, family history. etc..

Dr Jyotl was very patient In listening all my Issues and came up with different options. She explained all options clearly and mentioned pies and cons of each.

and asked us to take enough time and decide. She never hesitated in answering whatever small questions we have.

Finally we went with Laproscopec Tubectomy. We got clear instructions on pie and post hospitalization and Operation was successful.

For few things, she assisted us over Phone as well,

Dr Jyothi was approachable and an excellent listener end more importantly not rushy. We highly recommend DrJyothi for any Women for all Gynec issues.”

Abdul usmaan

” The service of doctor is very neat and Dr. Jyothi treated us carefully and respectfully. Dr.Jyothi did some tests and suggested we need to go to checkup for every 4 months but my aunt asked that instead of these checkups she wanted to get removed it and we spoke to Dr.Jyothi she said that it is fine. It was done successfully and we finished it off. The treatment and consultaionis very great”


“Doctor’s And Administration is to Good”

Patient at Univ Hosp North Durham Ooh

“I would 100% recommend Dr Jyoti for any pregnant lady in Hyderabad. She is best doctor you can ever get. She is very simple and will make sure your pregnancy go simple and smooth. I was searching for a good doctor like her and we are glad we found her. She is not at all money minded and reaches out to her patients without making them wait for long. She keeps on roaming outside her cabin and keep on calling her patients. Unlike other who prefer to sit in their cabin and make others wait. Very humble lady and doesn’t hesitate to answer any of your question. BEST DOCTOR IN CITIZEN. Absolutely worth of time and money. Doesn’t make you feel nervous or stressed out. Thanks Jyoti, you have been a great help in my pregnancy. All The Luck !!!”

Anusha & Rajesh

“I am Anu Chilukuri went to citizen hospital in 7th month of my pregnancy and visited Dr. Jyoti kankanala madam.

Dr. Jyoti is an excellent and promising doctor. She is simple and very talented, with very good patience all the time. She is very responsible and took care of my pregnancy very well.

She always listens to us and explains each procedure very clearly before proceeding.

She is more flexible and available anytime whenever needed,’ strongly recommend Dr. Jyoti Kankanala to all who are looking for best doctor.

she will try for normal delivery, citizens hospital staff and Nurses for the Care and responsible.

I am blessed with a baby”Boy”. Thanks and God bless to all (My family members, Drs, staff) who supported during my pregency.”


“I went to citizen hospital and visited Dr. Jyoti for my pregnancy.

Dr. Jyoti is an excellent and promising doctor. She very much talented, knowledgeable and very patience all the time. She is very responsible and took care of my pregnancy very well. She always listens to us and helps us all the time professionally and personally. She explains each and procedure very clearly and gee suggestions and advice. She is more flexible and available anytime whenever needed. She took care of me with more care and promptness when I undergone lots of difficulties and complications during my pregnancy. My pregnancies went smoothly with her complete support. I strongly recommend Dr. Jyoti Kankanala to all the patients who want best care of the baby pregnancy.

Thank you so much to Dr. Jyoti for taking care of us with best service lever seen.

Thank you,”


“Recently my wife Madhu went under a normal delivery at Citizens Hospital by Dr. Jyoti we got to know about this Dr by our colleagues. The first time we have met her in the 7th month. Before meeting Dr. Jyoti we have taken a nutritional scan for baby and we got to know that baby weight is too low. We have explained everything clearly to Dr. Jyoti in the 1st meet, she has given us tips and suggestions for us and we have followed them and in the 8th month, we have taken a scan for baby where it has shown the increase in baby weight it is really a great thing for us.”


“Excellent patient care. Patient is escorted by a person for his/her visit. Patient friendly environment”

Romesh and Usharani

“We would like to used this virtual space to show our humble gratitude to Dr Jyoti mam, whom we have known for the last two years as a Gynaecologist at Citizen Hospital. To begin with, we were not interested to go for second child due to the complications and problems we had gone through during pregnancy of our first baby. She is the one who instilled full confidence on us to plan for second child and now our dream of having two babies have come true under her guidance, which is of holistic in nature. We really appreciate the way she dealt with our case, with so much determination, care and affections. Her critical insights and friendly approach have given moral support. We will look back on our association with Dr Jyoti, with a sense of pride and privilege. We would strongly advice to any couples who want to have a pleasant and memorable journey towards their parenthood and above all, to get an opportunity to meet and know a wonderful human being who believes in humanity.”


“I stay close to citizens hospital and started consulting Dr. Jyothi right from the beginning of my pregnancy through the end of the term. She has a rich experience cf handling cases outside India and has indepth knowledge in her field. She goes through all the reports carefully and explains patiently. She is easily approachable (which is very rare) and is very prompt. I would recommend Dr. Jyothi for anyone who is looking for smooth and trouble free pregnancy care.”


“Dr. Jyoti is a geat doctor. She diagnose patients well and explains each and everything in detail. She not only gives time to understand the case but also educates end helps patient understand the problem. She recommends what is necessary and gives patient time to think and take the decision. Not only she has good knowledge in her area but she also very friendly with her patients. Its an amazing experience. She is very talented, has very much patience and immense Knowledge.”


“Dr. Jyoti is very supportive and very friendly, she was there with me all the time and even during delivery time. Listening to her advice and suggestions helped me and my baby a lot in increasing the weight of the baby. One more I need to say about her is I was having a severe pain in my 7th month during midnight we came to hospital but she is not available, we have talked to her by phone and given some suggestions and told me what to do when to do and at last, I’m very happy for the normal delivery and the services at Citizens Hospital and we are thankful very thankful to Dr. Jyoti”