Patient Relation Executive - Reception

Job Description

PRE’s will be responsible for greeting the patients as they enter CITIZENS, directing the patient to the proper areas of the hospital, registering the patient in RT medibus system, scheduling patient appointments, and any other duties relevant to the patient service.

Essential Job Functions

  • As the patient comes PRE has to wish and make them comfortable
  • To check weather if his/her is the first visit to the hospital
  • Registers the patient in the registration system.
  • Schedule the patient for any appointment. This process can be completed either in person with the patient or via phone call.
  • Responsible for handover the patient to the nurse for checking vitals ( BP, Oxygen saturation, height, weight)
  • Responsible to check patient prescription given by the doctor if any lab investigations, X-ray, ultrasound suggested by the doctor to do for the patient
  • Responsible for guiding patients related for any hospital services.
  • Knowledgeable about and prepared to answer questions regarding locations and services offered at the facility.
  • To be responsible for collecting the cash from the patient according to the billing done.
  • To be responsible for depositing the cash on same day to the accounts department.

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