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For many patients, the trip to Citizens is an easy one. For others, it involves traveling greater distances, even across international borders. In any case, our staff will help make your stay at Citizens and in Hyderabad a pleasant and smooth one. Your travel plans to Hyderabad or to India may require some added assistance. Here are some basic pointers to help you plan a smooth journey for any form of medical treatment to India:

  • Get a confirmation of the doctor’s appointment and approximate tenure required for treatment
  • Ask the doctor if, your medical condition permits you to travel aboard
  • Keep your local doctor informed about the complete travel plan and the treatments
  • Always consider the hospital’s recognitions and accreditations
  • Check the complete profile of the doctors and the team. This means cross verifying the credentials and expertise of the doctors, handling your case

  • Gather the details of the surgical procedures, treatments, therapies (if any), recovery period and follow-up care needed

  • Be prepared for surgical or non-surgical treatments as, sometimes the final decision by the medical team can be made only post a direct personal examination

  • Carry your complete medical history and make multiple copies of the same as; you may require sending the same reports simultaneously to different doctors for various reasons. Upon your arrival at AOI, we can scan your documents and incorporate them into our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system so that you will not have to transport them in the future

  • Ensure that you always carry the latest and updated medical documents
  • Being an international patient; do not forget to carry your passport, visa and valid proof of identity throughout your travel

  • Always carry credit cards, debits cards, travellers’ checks and some local currency for immediate payments

  • Carry few copies of your passport size photographs. You may require additional copies for certain documentations if your stay is extended due to medical reasons

  • Get a local cell phone with the maximum coverage network for hassle free communications as; your existing cell phone may not be of any use in the country

  • Change the time on your watch to GMT +5 ½ hours as, the India Standard Time (IST) is calculated from Allahabad and the entire country falls under one time zone

  • Ensure that you carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat as; India is a tropical country and the weather can get pretty hot and humid

  • Avoid street food and be very careful while commuting in public transport and take care of your valuables. Pick pocketing is also something that International travellers need to be wary of, in public places

  • Photography is strictly prohibited in certain pockets of the city – railway stations, military cantonments, airports and government buildings

  • Added recommendations are – Get Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine before landing in India

  • Malaria and dengue are very common in India so, do carry insect repellents in spray cans or in lotion form. While it is better to have a dedicated taxi service for your inner city travel plans, you can also opt for public transport like Taxis, Auto-rickshaws, Metro rail (where available) and Buses for local travelling. Ensure that you pay by the meter or by the tariff card

Explore Hyderabad – The pearl city of Telangana is also known as the royal city of The Nizams. A trip across the city would definitely add a dimension to the medical part of your journey. The atmosphere spells grandeur with ancient heritage buildings and a vibrant local culture, attracting tourists from different parts of the world. The illuminated street shops of the old city dating back to 400 years or more offers a multitude of tourist hotspots such as Charminar, Laad Bazaar, Chowmahalla palace and more. While the modern section of the city has world class amenities in its hi-tech malls, multiplexes and deluxe five to seven star hotels etc; bringing you the perfect blend of modern and historical diversity in the biryani city. To find out more about local tourist attractions in and around Hyderabad, please visit

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