Insurance & Billing

During the course of your treatment at Citizens hospitals, one of our Financial Counselors will meet with you to explain the payment process. As a policy, we ensure all patients understand not only their medical condition and plan of care but all costs involved. Transparency in the billing process is a core commitment we make for all patients.

We accept cash, demand draft, bank transfer, credit cards and debit cards. Under specific circumstances, we also accept checks. We offer a range of payment plans for different treatments. Your Financial Counselor will discuss each option with you.

We also accept a large number of insurances. If you have concerns about whether or not we accept the one to which you subscribe, please contact us at 40 6719 1919 and request to speak with a Financial Counselor. In some cases, we can arrange for cashless services even for insurances with whom we are not currently empaneled.

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