Admission Procedure

At Citizens hospitals, we make the admissions process at simple and fast as possible, as our belief is that creating the smoothest possible patient experience starts the moment you reach our campus. We use an electronic medical record (EMR) for all data collection on campus, which eliminates the need to complete multiple forms or provide duplicate information to personnel in different departments.

The registration process begins with one of Citizens’ Patient Relations Executives (PREs), specially trained employees designed to acquaint you with our campus while gathering information about your background and condition. After collecting this data and registering you in our computer system, the PRE will explain what you can expect during your visit to Citizens, whether you come for one appointment or an extended stay.

Once you have been admitted, employees will ensure you are comfortable and help you find where you need to go, providing personal escort in many cases. Remember, when you are at Citizens, we keep a simple policy. If you are unsure of something or can’t find what you need, just ask. We are all here to help you.

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