Floor Coordinator/ Floor In charge – IP

Job Description

  • Responsible for monitoring and reviewing all patient related services to ensure high score of customer satisfaction index.
  • Responsible for Identifying/solving patient requirements/grievances by establishing personal rapport with the patients.
  • Responsible for coordinating the Floor coordinators and see that all investigations as advised by consultants are carried out as per the schedule and see that the reports are delivered at the respective ward as per the time lines.
  • Responsible for coordinating with Floor coordinators and see that rooms are arranged in time for all those advised for admission and also see that the rooms allotted clean and tidy as per the procedures laid down.
  • Responsible for ensuring the fumigations protocols are ensured as and when required in the inpatient areas.
  • Ensure coordination with all the patient care stake holder and offer in time services to patients, coordinate with maintenance, diagnostics, dietary, House Keeping etc.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the Consultants for quality patient care and smooth functioning of the department.
  • Ensure that all the billable services are billed properly in the billing and assist patients for any counselling.
  • Directs the operations by initiating, coordinating and enforcing operational policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for coordinating with billing department for smooth discharge process.
  • Responsible for coordinating with other departments for the smooth functioning of services in the department and to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for maintaining a very good rapport with Consultants, patients and patient attendants.
  • Responsible for collecting feedback from the patients and sending the same to the concerned for analysis and create MIS for the management.
  • Responsible for implementing corrective actions to ensure patient concerns are addressed - whether people or process oriented.
  • Responsible for any other task entrusted by the management from time to time.

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