Emergency Hospital Hyderabad


Emergency Response System

In emergencies each and every second is precious in saving lives and for that reason Citizens Specialty Hospital introduced Emergency Response System – Emergency Services. In Emergency Response System care our skilled and trained team of the emergency medical experts battle against time not just by having a swift & ICU equipped ambulance service, we also provide a timely multi-pronged effort involving sophisticated lifesaving equipment, trained paramedics, international emergency protocols and team of dedicated specialists.

In Emergency Response System, treatments start right from the point of emergency location to deliver care as not only Ambulance is equipped with lifesaving resuscitative technologies but along with emergency trained technicians & nurses. Patient parameters are transmitted from Ambulance to Emergency Care Unit to save critical time.

Emergency medicine involves triaging patients with acute medical concerns, including stabilising them, diagnosing the root of their emergency and consulting the right super-specialists to resolve it. Emergency doctors manage life-threatening conditions and make a quick assessment of patient’s status. ER specialist judgments kick-starts a team-based approach for providing care based on International emergency Protocols.

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