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Dear Doctors!

It is a privilege and pleasure to inform you all about the forthcoming event – Reflect 2017, Eminent Evidence in Critical Care Medicine – planned for the new year at our hospital premises. The forum will involve the critique of research papers followed the enriching debate and elaborate analysis of the literature and research papers published in the year 2017 (Jan-Dec).

This will enable us to study the observations made by experts from across the world based on evidenced-based learning. It will also make our thoughts clear and support us immensely in our future ventures in addition to guiding us to adequately handle the dilemmas we face day to day.

Please block your dates and join us for the discussion. Let us together explore the scientific feast of contemporary knowledge and exciting recent advances in the critical care practice.

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Block Your Dates on Calender

Date: 20th, 21st Jan’ 2018

Time: 20th: 2PM – 8PM
            21st: 8AM – 5PM

Venue: Citizens Specialty Hospital

Nallagandla, Serilingampally, Hyderabad.

RSVP: 9989996655, 9652342973


1)  Sepsis review 2017

  1. a) De-resuscitation in Sepsis and ARDS. How and why?
  2. b) Fluid resuscitation should be as per the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines 2016.  Pro / Con session
  3. c) Management of Sepsis: Beyond the bundles.
  4. d) Current developments in Septic shock.
  5. e) Future trials for Sepsis.

2) ARDS review 2017

  1. a) Patient and machine synchrony in ARDS.
  2. b) What is new in NIV?
  3. c) High flow nasal oxygen therapy.
  4. d) Can Adjuncts to ARDS improve outcomes?
  5. e) Recruitment manoeuvres should be done.  Pro/Con session
  6. f) Future trials for ARDS.

3)  Blood transfusion review 2017

  1. a) Age of Red Cells for transfusion
  2. b) Restrictive transfusion and outcomes
  3. c) Transfusion in special conditions and Outcomes.

4) Quality 2017

  1. a) The impact of quality and financial analysis with TELE ICU from USA.  Can we extrapolate to India?
  2. b) Role of Delta SOFA, Q SOFA, SOFA in the ICU.

5) Traumatic brain injury review 2017

  1. a) Role of lactate, base deficit, 3% saline infusion and outcomes.
  2. b) Role of TCD, Weaning in TBI, Early tracheostomy Indian experience.

6) Sedation review 2017

  1. a) Interruption of Sedation and Sedatives in ICU and outcomes.

7)  Nutrition review 2017

  1. a) Early goal-directed nutrition and outcomes
  2. b) Impact of calories and proteins in ICU
  3. c) Supplemental parenteral nutrition and outcomes
  4. d) Can we practice Permissive under feeding?

8)  Renal review 2017

  1. a) When to initiate RRT?
  2. b) Do Biomarkers identify AKI and RRT?
  3. c) Does Mode of RRT in critically ill patient impact outcomes?
  4. d) Role of Citrate in RRT
  5. e) Recovery after AKI / RRT. (Evidence based Panel discussion with case Scenarios)

9) Infectious diseases review 2017

  1. a) Role of inhalational antibiotics and outcomes.
  2. b) Antifungal – Prophylaxis, Scoring systems and Discontinuation.
  3. c) MRSA – Review of recent developments.
  4. d) Nosocomial infections during ECMO.

10) CVS review 2017

  1. a) Update on STEMI 2017.
  2. b) Update on Cardiac arrest management.
  3. c) Update on post cardiac arrest management.
  4. d) ECMO in Cardiorespiratory diseases.

11) GI review 2017
All the ICU patients get stress ulcer prophylaxis.   Pro/Con Session

12) Ultrasound in ICU review 2017
Role of Point of Care Ultra Sound (POCUS) in Critical Care Medicine
(Evidence based Experts opinion on various clinical conditions)

  1. a) 10% of topics may change to cover landmark trials published in Nov and Dec 2017.
  2. b) Participation of National Faculty.
  3. c) Recent articles kit would be provided.
  4. d) 2017 Guidelines related to critical care would be provided.
  5. e) Limited registrations 100 only. No spot registration.
  6. f) CME Credit points will be awarded.

Chief Advisor: Mr. Vishal Bali, Asia Head – Chairman

Advisors: Dr. Lloyd Nazareth, President & Group CEO   |   Dr. Babaiah, Medical Director, AOI   |   Mr. Nilesh Gupta, Zonal Director

Organising Chairperson: Dr. Ravikiran, Medical Superintendent

Organising Secretary: Dr. Venugopal Kulkarni   |   Dr. Srinivas Jakkinaboina

Treasurer: Mr. Praveen Kumar Edla

Scientific Committee: Dr. Srinivas Samavedam   |   Dr. Srinivas Jakkinaboina   |   Dr. Jojo Kurien John   |   Dr. Satish T

Coordinators: Dr. Geetadevi Yammala   |   Dr. Sunjoy Varma

Logistic Committee: Ms. Manisha   |   Ms. Sharmy   |   Mr. V N Shravan   |   Mr. Prabhu

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