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Citizens Hospital’s Way to Better Health

Choosing a hospital or a doctor, whether for a routine check-up or major surgery, can weigh heavily on any of us, as making the right choice carries so much importance. At Citizens Hospital, as expert medical professionals, we have 100% confidence in our skills and ability to treat you. More importantly, as people, we have 100% commitment to ensuring your comfort, peace of mind and understanding both your condition and the treatment plan our doctors propose.

Our confidence and commitment go hand-in-hand. Without one, the other has little value. At Citizens, every person on our campus has a role in providing care and creating better experiences for patients. And each person on our campus works daily to improve upon his or her ability to do so.

At Citizens Hospital, we see every patient we treat as an opportunity to make a life better and as a new chance to start a life-long partnership for health.

Super-specialty Expertise

Experts from nearly 40 specialties and super-specialties make up the Citizens Hospital doctor staff. The word ‘super-specialty’ conveys a level of excellence that gives patients the peace of mind they are in the most competent hands. Super-specialists at Citizens have extensive knowledge, training and tools to offer patients a broad range of cutting-edge therapy options, diagnostic procedures, preventive medical advice and personalized attention, all aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for each patient we treat.

24x7 Care

Our doctors provide round-the-clock coverage. And a dedicated team of hospitalists ensures all patients receive superb treatment and attentive observation at all times. We extend the same level of competence and care to each patient we treat, whether it be at a routine OP visit, unexpected trip to emergency department or an urgent need during the middle of the night for an inpatient hospital stay.

Evidence-based Approach

Evidence-based medicine means prescribing and delivering treatment based on the best combination of clinically-validated medical research. It involves evaluating all aspects of a given patient’s condition and then balancing the risks and benefits of all medical options to create a care plan that uniquely meets that patient’s needs. While evidence-based medicine helps doctors develop customized care plans, it also means the driving force behind every patient’s treatment is a set proven medical research that ignores any external factors.

At Citizens, as at other top hospitals around the world, doctors follow leading medical evidence to give patients the highest possible likelihood of a cure. In fact, Citizens doctors routine attend and participate in national and international medical conferences to guarantee they stay at the leading edge in terms of medical practice, strengthening the bond between ourselves, our patients and the global medical community.

Multi-disciplinary Care

In a multidisciplinary environment, teams of doctors from different specialties and super-specialties work together to treat patients in the most harmonious, effective way possible. As our understanding of disease increases, we constantly realize that more and more health problems are inter-related and impact multiple organs or systems in the body. Treating them effectively requires collaboration between experts from a broad range of medical fields, and that is precisely what Citizens Hospital offers patients.

When you come to Citizens, doctors invest time to understand your condition fully and then collaborate to create a treatment plan that combines the entirety of their medical knowledge and skills. They do so to ensure your comfort and to ensure their understanding of what's making you sick. Any individual doctor can treat a patient's symptoms. On the other hand, often an entire team of doctors must work as a unit to cure a patient's condition.

Top International Standards for Care

Our doctors see medicine as a constantly evolving field. Yesterday’s mysteries are today’s knowledge. At Citizens, we work diligently to maintain a close link to the world's medical community so that we stay at the forefront of this ever-changing discipline. We do so with a singular focus – giving our patients the most advanced care options possible as developed by the world’s leading medical minds.

Adherence to top international standards of care also helps us treat complex cases. At Citizens, we leave nothing to chance. Because we follow strict guidelines and clinically-proven protocols, our doctors are constantly armed with a range of therapy options to help you heal faster.

Safe, Effective and High-value Technology

As with many other fields, technology has changed medicine dramatically in recent decades. Lasers, robots, computers, scopes and new diagnostic tools have changed the way we treat many, many health conditions. However, while many of these technologies have led to revolutionary advances, the proper way to judge their effectiveness is not just in their innovation or ability to wow but in their ability to create better outcomes and values for patients.

At Citizens, we invest in medical technology aggressively. But we measure the returns on our investment in a different way from many other hospitals. At Citizens, we consider technologies to be worthwhile investments only when they improve patients’ lives in a measureable way.

Additionally, at Citizens we don’t invest only in medical technology. We invest in building the expertise required to maximize its effectiveness for patients. We work closely with lead medical societies, top global medical technology companies and international thought-leaders to ensure we not only give our doctors the best possible tools. We also do everything possible to guarantee our doctors have the consummate skill level getting the most for patients demands.

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