Cardiology Technician

Job Description

  • Responsible for checking the requisition form, prescription, bill copy given by the patient for the test. Explain the procedure to the patient. Collect the consent from the patient/attendant as and when required.
  • Responsible for performing cardiac noninvasive diagnostics Viz., ECG, ECHO, TMT & Holter under the supervision and control of a qualified medical officer.
  • Ensure complete privacy to the patient while performing the tests
  • Responsible for ECG
    • To place the electrodes and ensure recording of the ECG
    • Once the procedure is done, clean the site of electrodes and help the patients to dress up.
    • Enter the patient particulars in the log book
    • Coordinate with the doctor for reporting
  • Responsible for ECHO
    • Ensure recording of the findings of ECHO in manual mode through the medical officer.
    • Coordinate for the provisional report of the ECHO and record the Echo
    • Coordinating with the physician office for final reporting of ECHO
  • Responsible for TMT
    • Responsible for preparation of the patient for TMT
    • Place the electrodes and cable wire after properly applying the jelly
    • Explain the procedure to the patient
    • Obtain consent from the patient
    • Demonstrate the procedure and counsel the patient before the procedure is initiated.
    • Monitor the patient condition during the test for an changes and instability in case of any
    • Ensure proper cleaning of electrode site once the test is completed.
    • Coordinate with the physician office for final report.
  • For Holter Monitor
    • Obtain consent from the patient
    • Responsible for fixing the electrodes and connecting holter on the patient
    • Explain the process and procedure to the patient
    • Demonstrate to the patient as to how to handle the monitor
    • Counsel the patient to report back after 24 hours for monitoring and reporting
    • Coordinate with the physician for final reporting.
  • Responsible for coordination to see it that the final reporting is done and reports are dispatched at the right place.
  • Responsible for the daily maintenance of equipment and general cleanliness of the lab and the machines.
  • Responsible for all such other tasks as entrusted by the management from time to time.

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