Mission, Vision & Values


We will nurture the highest quality healthcare, which is built on a foundation of patient wellbeing and happiness, is integrated with education, research, and services, and leads to superior clinical results.


We will provide healthcare at its best with validated clinical protocols rendered with utmost respect and dignity for each individual.

Quality statement:

"We, at Citizens Hospital, are committed to achieve excellence in our journey with our patients and associates by providing them a safe healthcare delivery system integrating best practices, personnel and technology through continuous improvement".


  1. Patient-centered:
    Honour patient opinion in all concerns with genuine efforts towards building faith and confidence
  2. Transparency:
    Manifest accountability; keep all things simple, accurate and verifiable
  3. Team Spirit:
    Cherish the patient with a purpose and an understanding that together we execute healthcare to help our patients live better and healthier
  4. Ownership:
    Empower business partners towards a common goal focused on patient-oriented decision making
  5. Innovation:
    Innovate in a way that facilitates comprehensive patient care, promoting patient healing and health and the most efficient use of resources
  6. Technology deployment:
    Use technologies to enhance patient care, increase productivity and manage risk effectively

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