Message from the Chairman

  • Dr. R.P. Raju,

    MD, Executive Vice-Chairman

I grew up in India and completed medical training in the United States. For nearly 20 years, I operated a cancer practice in the US, watching with great pride as India rose as a global power in industries like manufacturing, construction, technology and finance. Since returning to Hyderabad in the 1990s, I have been fortunate to participate in many healthcare projects in the City and the State of Andhra Pradesh. With each venture, alongside my partners, I strived to raise the bar for healthcare in India to meet the highest international medical standards.

Citizens Hospital which is the best multi specialty hospital in Lingampally represents a continuation of the effort to elevate the state of healthcare in India and overall health of the Indian society. To do so, we sought collaboration from major healthcare players in the US, recruited doctors with training and experience at top international centers and implemented protocols to ensure every patient who visits us receives care guided by the same medical evidence doctors in top world hospitals follow. The result is a hospital that treats all patients with the sample level of respect, dignity and medical expertise as top hospitals found anywhere in the world. Citizens will serve all medical needs of the local community. Our doctors provide treatment, supportive care, screenings for early detection and preventive measures spanning more than 30 specialties and super-specialties, including all forms of cancer as well as heart, lung, brain, digestive, musculo-skeletal and kidney conditions.

Citizens Hospital would not be possible without the collaboration of thousands. Every person with whom you interact on campus makes our vision of a new kind of healthcare for India possible. When you come to Citizens, we will greet you and guide you through the healthcare experience, giving you personal attention and clear explanation at each step. Our staff, nurses and physicians share our vision of making healthcare that follows the world's latest evidence-based protocols broadly available in India. Together, we aim to bring that vision to life one patient at a time.

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